Why You Should not Marry at Age 20


Marriage is good, sweet and one that can readily provide excitement that you cannot get anywhere. But marrying at age 20 is suicidal.

Research shows that 80% of poor men belong to a class of those who married before they attained age 25.More shocking statistics reveal that only 10 % of focused men ended up being poor after avoiding marriage at a tender age.

There are several circumstances that prompt one to settle before they plan for their life which are sometimes beyond the individuals’ control. But if you are given two options: to marry or not to marry, never take the first option as it will put you in a mess.

Here are simple reasons why we support our case:

You will be unfaithful

A man/person should be allowed to taste what is good and bad until they get used to both. At age 20 a man has not seen it all, he has not slept with enough women until he says ‘enough is enough’. By allowing such man to marry, you will simply be putting his wife in danger as he will start being unfaithful after discovering he got a raw deal.


Out of 10 men who marry at age 20,it’s only one or two who can be responsible. Men at this age don’t know how to handle a wife and children—they are barely out of their parents’ care.

They don’t take life serious

It’s possible men at age 20 are either in school or fate made them school drop outs. All these men think of is drugs, women and eating life with a big spoon. They are simply not ready to settle down.

They don’t invest

People start investing when they clock 30.At age 20,a person’s interests are in food, clothing and alcohol. As a wife you will find nothing appealing in him.

Marrying at age 20 will tie you forever

Once you decide to marry, your family will always be in need. You will have little money at your disposal for investments.