Best Business for Fresh Graduates in Kenya


Business is the way to go especially for fresh graduates who are seeking to find a footing. More often than not, fresh graduates wonder which best profitable business to do in Kenya before they secure employment. It’s hard to get a straight answer from your peers but with deep thoughts and research, it’s easy to identify a viable opportunity. Below we list some of the most profitable businesses to do in Kenya with little capital as a graduate.

Academic writing

Academic writing has become a primary source of income for thousands of fresh graduates in Kenya. Currently, over 3,000 graduates are heavily involved in academic writing. Of course this is one form of employment; however it doubles as a business.

When you are dealing with academic writing, what you need is a laptop and internet.

The first step to joining this elite group is by identifying the best academic writing jobs. As of 2018,the following were the best academic writing sites in Kenya:

  • Falcon Writers
  • Freelancer Kenya
  • Essay Shark
  • Writerslabs
  • Bluecorp
  • WriteDom

In freelancing, you can make up to Ksh20, 000 per day and at least Ksh15, 000 every month.


Blogging is one of the best ways to earn passive income in Kenya. As a fresh graduate, you are full of energy, enthusiasm and creativity.

The beauty of this business is that you don’t need a lot of capital; the average cost of starting a blog is Ksh15, 000 and it takes less than a week to launch one.

The best advice I can give you; never wait for someone to push to start a blog, seek information online, approach web designers and spend a few coins .At the end of the day, you’ll have something to keep you busy and to make a living from.

Online shop

Another unique idea involves online shop like Jumia.To start an online shop you need a capital of between Ksh30, 000 and Ksh500,000.

I have designed websites for a couple of companies in Kenya and I can confidently say, in this business, it’s not about the capital but how best you can market your company. What is required is a website design where companies can advertise their products.


Boutique is more suitable to female graduates. Since this business requires time and patience to grow, a fresh graduate will be the best person to launch it.

Boutique business works well when you know your customers in person. Since you had friends in college, you can use them as your first customers.

You can source stock from Eastleigh at throw away price or fly to Dubai or China. Boutique capital ranges between Ksh 150,000 to Ksh 1 million


Many youths in the country have shunned farming, most of them have migrated to the city in search of employment. The reality is, the city can’t accommodate everyone. Farming is one of the most lucrative ventures, sadly our youths don’t want to get dirty.

If at your village there is land, don’t waste time in towns, migrate to the village and embark on farming.

Car wash

The only business you can do without incurring losses is car wash business. As a graduate you need Ksh50, 000 to Ksh250, 000 to start a car wash anywhere in the country.

Two years ago, my cousin told me he had Ksh80,000 but wasn;t sure what he could do with the money for him to start generating income.I fronted the idea of car was.This is what he told me,”hii buzna ikianguka utanilipa hii pesa”.I told him,”nitakulipa double”. I proposed for him Kericho and for sure he set the business up.It’s now two years na kijana ananipigia asante kila siku.

Photocopy, Printing and CD business

In one room,put a business of selling CDs,printing and photocopying documents. I propose that you set it up near colleges and universities.

Selling KASNEB notes online

If you did KASNEB courses, you can rake in a lot of money if you start a business where you sell KASNEB past papers, answers and notes online. Just start a website and source the notes from various institutions and sell them.

Cosmetics shop

If you’re a lady, being fresh from college is the best time to start cosmetics shop.It may look awkward at first but when you cash the first profit, you won’t think of employment anymore.

Web design

For those who pursued IT and Computer Science courses in college,don’t wait for the government to employ you. Time is important and the early you think of web design business the better. In Kenya over 100 websites are created daily. Creating a single website needs Ksh 15,000 to Ksh50, 000.If you can create at least one website per day, that’s a cool Ksh15,000 daily.

Executive salon

Graduates living in Nairobi have the best chance to make money. Nairobi women love beauty and decency. By starting an executive salon, you’ll bring services closer to your estate. I know women who run salon business in Nairobi and make profits in the tune of Ksh5 million per month. There is actually one salon in Kilimani which charges Ksh 20,000 per single head and the owner walks home with at least Ksh3 million every month.