Photos of a Tree That Bears Fruits That Resemble a Woman


A tree has been discovered in Thailand and India that bear fruits that resemble a woman. Several photos shared on social media show the fruits having the shape of a woman complete with breasts and complexity of a woman.

The leaves of the tree are green and the fruits too are green. The fruit also has air like extension which extends to the back. There are also two hands which are held gentle at the front end of the body.

What’s amazing is that the fruit has a nice curved figure like that of a woman.

One person who saw the tree wrote on Facebook:” This fruit really exist but if you doubt the poster just do yourself a favor make research on it to kill your ignorance… The tree of the fruit is known as NARIPHON.You can google it no knowledge is a waste”

Another Facebooker supported the claim.He said:” The tree is truly in existence. I saw the fruit in one deep part of India. There were others too but you are not allowed access to their locations. The post is real; it wasn’t natural some genetic modifications led to its present shape”

However, one man, the know it all, rubbished the evidence. He shouted,” The tree known as Nariphon is a Buddhist mythology and it does not grow anywhere.

The myth is that it grows in a mystical Forrest in Thailand but no one has ever been able to trace it or see it.

It was said that Budda who built a house for one of his wives in the forest, created the trees, to distract strange men who wanted to take his wife.

What you see in the photo is a replica to mark their goddess festival”

Below are photos of the tree and fruits.