We Did a Wedding This Week and Discovered That My New husband’s Engine is 15 CM Long .Can I Cancel my Wedding


I have been dating my husband for 6 months and we decided to do a wedding this week. Ever since we started dating he has been avoiding sleeping with me arguing that Christians are not supposed to have sex before marriage.

Immediately we finished our wedding, we went to Malindi for Honeymoon.We booked a room for five days and I had planned to have memorable moments.However,things turned worse when I discovered that his engine is 15cm long.We had just slept and I decided to give him until morning.Immediately we removed clothes, I touched his mjulubeng and what I Saw disturbed me—it was as big as that of a donkey.

Immediately I noticed I couldn’t accommodate it in me I ran towards the door and went to sleep in another room.The following I returned back to Nairobi.

Since then my husband has been calling me begging me to return to him.He says  what I touched maybe was his hand and that I should go and confirm.I fear he might rape me in the process and damage my private parts.Can I start the divorce process?