Meaning of Lamba Lolo

Meaning of Lamba Lolo


Lamba Lolo is one of the commonly used words in Kenya. The initial meaning was to imply a person licking sweats but Kenyans later changed its meaning.

The name originated from Nairobi and was commonly used in the popular Kilimani Mums and Dads Facebook page. Over time,it became a household word. The hidden meaning is to lick a woman’s private parts. Another meaning is to lick somebody’s lips.

Soon Lamba Lolo will be included in the dictionary as one of the commonly used phrases.

How Lamba Lolo statement is used:

One day a construction worker met a lady in a car and as they were chatting, the lady kept on ignoring him. But while they were alighting, the man told her that she is an engineer and that she was dirty because he was from the site. The lady got convinced.

The following morning, they agreed to meet in town. The lady arrived earlier than the man .In the process of waiting, the man told her to take a meal in a hotel as she waits for him.Knowing well the man was an engineer,the lady took Ksh 2,000 meal.

Things turned worse when the man refused to come to town. The lady had been presented with the bill and the hotel management wanted money.The shock of her lifetime came when the man refused to pay and he said,”lamba lolo”

Another case is when a man and a woman meet in a room to make love.The lady will ask the man to ‘lamba lolo’

The last scenario is when a child asks for a sweet and he is presented with that sweet with a handle.The mother would tell the child,’lamba lolo’