Names of NYS Suspects Arrested Today

Names of NYS Suspects Arrested Today


A total of 15 NYS corrupt suspects have been arrested today.Lilian Omolo,who locked herself inside a toilet was arrested at 6 am.The first suspect to be arrested was Richard Dubai.

Here is a complete list of those who have been arrested so far

  1. Lilian Omollo, PS Youth Ministry
  2. Mr Richard Dubai, NYS Director-General
  3. Mr Sam Michuki
  4. Mr Peter Muchui
  5. Mr Matano Odoyo, NYS
  6. Mr James Thuita Nderitu, businessman
  7. Ms Yvonne Wanjiku Ngugi, businesswoman
  8. Mr Sammy Mbugua
  9. Mr Timothy Kiplangat Rotich
  10. Mr Wellanalo Mulupi, NYS
  11. Mr David Kirui
  12. Mr Ferdinard Matavo
  13. Ms Keziah Mwangi, NYS
  14. Mr Duba Galgalo
  15. Mr Isaiah Adalo Chopia

More than 40 others are expected to be arrested this week.