If you Want to Blend Juice at Home, buy This Blender—Thank me Later

If you Want to Blend Juice at Home, buy This Blender---Thank me Later


We have reached a time when cancer is wiping out humanity. Juice purchased from supermarkets is one of the causes of cancer. With the risk associated with those chemicals in the juice, buying a juice blender is inevitable. I want to introduce to you a cheap and durable blender you can buy and forget about common cold, cancer, low immunity level and hunger.

I in fact stopped buying juice processed from industries because it’s made of chemicals and water. Instead I buy oranges, mangoes, beat roots and pineapples which I blend with a blender I purchased from Jumia 2 years ago. Since I started doing this my immunity has improved, I don’t complain of sore throat and I find it enjoyable drinking fresh juice that contains zero chemicals.

Today with Ksh 1,800 you will have this blender from Jumia.This one uses low energy, it has low sound and is made of UK Technology. The good thing is that it’s enough to serve up to 10 people.

If you have a family and you want them to have memorable weekends, have this blender at home.

How to purchase it

As you know, Jumia delivers any product you purchase from them to your doorstep. To purchase this blender you visit Jumia website via this link, then an order. Within 2 days you’ll have it at your home.

Buy from Jumia

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