“You Slayqueen, If you Want Me to Be Your Sponsor, Follow These 10 Rules—Wakanai

“You Slayqueen, If you Want Me to Be Your Sponsor, Follow These 10 Rules---Wakanai


Full bodied Wakanai has come up with 10 rules for slayqueens who would like to pick him as their sponsor. In his Facebook page, the Maina Kageni fan posted:

If you want me to be your sponsor, follow these 10 rules:

  1. Do not expect commitment – I have no intention of leaving my wife for you, don’t even suggest it!!
  2. We are not to be seen together in public!!
  3. Do not discuss me with your friends – we both know they are gossips!!
  4. Don’t ask me for money – I am not an ATM!!
  5. My family is off limits – don’t quiz me about my wife and kids!!
  6. Do not call, text or email me after 5PM weekdays, and don’t contact me during weekends for obvious reasons!!

7 Certain days of the year are reserved for my family.. This include but not limited to Christmas, Valentine day, Birthdays and Anniversaries!!

  1. Do not burden me with your emotional baggage ; don’t call me to talk about your feelings!!
  2. Never tell me that I don’t satisfy you sexually ; I am only supposed to satisfy my wife.. For you, its just for fun, use a banana for Peep’s sake..

Lastly, but not the least..

  1. Should you mysteriously miss your period, contact your pharmacist or gynaecologist ; I have no interest in your menstrual cycle!!