Trending Jokes from today

Trending Jokes from today


Let’s start the day with the following jokes from comedians. If you feel them,share.

“There is one mad man in my village who is always moving around saying, “51…51…51…” and nothing else. Yesterday me and my friends stopped him while he was passing and forced him to tell us why he’s always saying 51. He got angry and gave a solid slap to one of my friends. The guy fell down and died instantly. He started saying, “52…52…52…” and the rest of us ran away”

“The easiest way to commit Suicide is to put on Real Madrid Jersey written Sergio Ramos at the back and walk around in Cairo, Egypt”

“Dear ladies, call him today and tell him you are coming over, then switch off your phone and sleep. Allow a brother to clean his room”

“Dating without the intent of marriage is like driving with no destination, and I hope you’ve seen the fuel prices lately my brother.”

“Some girls claim they want a God fearing man,but once a man comes they’ll be asking for iPhone instead of the Holy Bible”

“During sex if she says babe you’re sweating a lot, just know she is not feeling anything and she is wondering how someone doing nothing can sweat…. wisdom is soon adding me a third ball”

“Dating a girl who is not educated is ok until you text her “Good Night baby and sweet dreams ”

Then she replies with “Thanks my love and may your soul rest in peace ” my brother you will not even find tiniest of sleep that night”


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