Man Divorces Luo Wife After Omena Fish Popped out of Her Private Parts



There was drama in Migori when a newly married man discovered something strange in her wife. The staunch Christian has never tasted Atieno’s goodies until Sunday evening when they formally tied the knot.Mr Onyango was overjoyed to bed a woman of Atieno’s caliber following 6 good months of seducing her.

After eating a sumptuous meal, they rested. But immediately Onyango started eating the forbidden fruit,Atieno’s private parts started sizzling and in a split of a second,omena started popping out in numbers. Onyango didn’t believe his eyes,he jumped out and started screaming.

People gathered to see which snake had bitten the man of God only for Onyango to say “Omena, Omena ,Omena”.They came closer to see what Omena has done to him only to be shocked to hear it’s Atieno’s private parts that were raining Omena.

People are still gathered at Migori to identify the cause of the strange happening.Unfortunately,Onyango has decided to end the marriage!