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How to Withdraw Money via SMS from BetBoss


BetBoss allows you to withdraw money via SMS.You can withdraw as high as Ksh400, 000 and as low as Ksh 100.The amount will be credited into you MPESA account.

Below is the procedure of withdrawing the money:

Send the word WITHDRAW amount to 29442

e.g: WITHDRAW 500 to 29442 (NB “WITHDRAW” space “Amount”)

Your Mobile Money account (Mpesa ) will be credited

Minimum withdrawal is Ksh 100


Send the word “Bal” to 29442. You will receive a confirmation message providing your available balance in your account.


Once a BET ID has been issued, bets cannot be cancelled or amended.

When placing a bet ensure that you confirm your selection before you click,”bet”.After your bet has been confirmed, you won’t be allowed to cancel it.In most cases it’s advisable to place a bet via the website as opposed to SMS.Betting via the website is simple and straightforward. It also prevents you from making small blunders.

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