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Best Paying Adverts other than AdSense—join MGID


If you have a blog and your intention is to make money, AdSense is the best monetization platform.However,if AdSense rejects your application,MGID would prove to be the best AdSense alternative—it’s one of the best paying advertising platform other than AdSense.

If you are keen enough, you must have noticed that venas news monetizes with MGID.We do so because MGID has the best RPM and CPC rates. The nice thing is that we only place it below the posts and make almost similar amount we used to make with AdSense before we dropped it.

How to join MGID

As long as you own a blog that receives sizeable amount of traffic, you’ll be allowed to monetize with MGID.The first step is to apply for approval via this link, then wait for at most two days to receive approval email. Thereafter, you’ll generate a widget that you’ll place on your blog.

Minimum requirements

I have actually seen bloggers getting approved even with 200 daily page views.MGID is not as strict as AdSense and it approves almost every blogger.If your blog does not have adult content, then it must be approved.Apply here and get approved

How much money can you make from MGID?

I know most bloggers are curious on the amount of money they can make from MGID.Well,if your blog receives above 10,000 page views per day,you’ll make above $300 per month.MGID works well with viral entertainment and sports blogs.One of the blogs is venas news which makes up to $7000 per month when traffic numbers are high

Can you mix MGID and AdSense?


If you are currently monetizing with Adsense,you can try out MGID and see how it performs.Apply here