Trending Facts About Wealth


Here are trending facts about wealth.

(1.) Your salary will never make you rich. Your boss isn’t that foolish.

(2.) Your salary is fixed, are your expenses fixed?.

(3.) If your company pays you the exact true value of the services you render, they would be running at a loss. As an employee, you are underpaid.

(4.) Once you get HIRED, you either get FIRED or RETIRED, you may also resign when you’re TIRED.

(5.) Salary is the bribe you’re given to forget your dreams, family, freedom, self-esteem, academics, social life and other personal goals.

(6.) Your kids won’t inherit your post in that company you’re employed in. Employment is not hereditary.

(7.) If your salary is not huge enough to pay your bills, leaving you with sufficient amount to save,prepare for poverty after you stop work.

(8.) If you must work,before you eat,if you get paralysed,ill or become aged,hunger will strike you.

(9.) Being an employee is a bit similar to being a slave,you take orders,you are regimented,when will you become a master?.

(10.) In Forbes list of the richest men in the world,show me one employee.


Do Have a plan B to fall back to..!