All my five Boyfriends have Died Before We got Married. Can I Tell my New One That He Might Die?


I have had a total of 5 boyfriends and the sixth one is coming. My first boyfriend was an accountant at a college in Nairobi. After three months of dating, he got an accident and died.

After 6 months I got another boyfriend who was a teacher. We dated for 4 months and one morning I got a message that he died in the sleep.

After I lost my second boyfriend,I decided to pause for one year.I feared that maybe I was the bad omen.But due to loneliness I met a man in a matatu on my way to Eldoret.He was an amazing person so I didn’t want to lose the opportunity. We started our relationship that  equally ended tragic.Joash committed suicide three months later.

At this time,my parents and relatives became worried that I had evil spirits.They took me to a witchdoctor for cleansing.

After cleaning I decided to get another boyfriend. I succeeded after I was approached by a politician who died few years ago. The politician died mysteriously but I know I was the cause. I was his mpango wa kando.

Last week I met a man who approached me for friendship. We had been good friends on Facebook and has been great to me.I don’t know whether to tell him about my history or I just pretend nothing happened and fate do its thing?Please advice.