I discovered that The House I am Living in Belongs to My Wife, It was Built By Her Sponsor. What Can I Do


My name is Joash and I am in pain. I have been married for the last 12 years and we have two children. There are many things that have happened in my life I have been ignoring, but I have decided to reveal them today so that I can get help.

I met my wife in college 14 years ago. We dated for two years until we decided to get married. During that time, no one would separate us. I knew she would become a great wife.

In 2013 I got a job as an Accountant in Kisumu and left my wife in Nairobi. By that time she was working at an International school in Nairobi and her salary was Ksh85, 000.My salary by then was Ksh93,300.

Each weekend I used to make a trip to Nairobi to see my wife. For two years I didn’t notice anything until December 2016 when she bought a Toyota Prado.I remember asking her where she got money to buy the car and she told me that her school was selling old cars and she was lucky to be given one in loan. I assumed she was not lying.

During that time I was the one paying rent for her house in Nairobi.The monthly rent was Ksh 15,000.

In January 2017 she told me that since she has a new car, she would love to live in a house that’s secure and has parking space, and that she had gotten a good two bedroom house in Kitengela that went for Ksh 15,000.She argued that there was no difference with the house they were living.I thought it was a good idea and gave her greenlight.

It’s after three months of owning the car that she told me she was going to Dubai with their students.She said the school had arranged for two weeks holiday and she was part of the team that would accompany the students.I didn’t see any strange thing in her statement.

It was after she returned from Dubai that I discovered a photo in her phone with a white man in a hotel room. The photo clearly showed they were having good times since the man’s chest was bare. When I asked her about the photo, she became offensive, that I am lazy and I don’t love her the way she wanted. We almost fought that evening.

Our differences continued until December 2017 when I requested her to accompany me to the village for Christmas holiday. My wife refused and instead told me she has her own money to take her to Dubai for holiday. I asked her who will accompany her. She replied, “that does not bother you!” I realized there was something amiss.

I let her go to Dubai and I proceeded to my village.

Upon returning to Nairobi,we argued until we fought. It’s after the fight that she told me ,”hata hii nyumba yenye unakaaa ni yangu,uhame”I said,”what,am I not the one paying rent?”

That statement hit me hard and I wondered how the house could belong to her.When I tried to resist and pretend I am in control, she brought payment receipts which clearly indicated the payments were made by a man known as Clifford and the house was registered under my wife’s name.what I saw that evening hurt me—I have never felt that much pain in my life.I sat quietly in my sofa set,cried as I asked my God ”why?!!!”The following morning I took me clothes, boarded Easy Coach bus and went to Kisumu.

Since then I have been in Kisumu without my wife and children.My wife blocked me and told the police to arrest me if they see me around.I tried to visit kitengela but the watchmen chased me away.Now I have lost hope in life,hope in life,hope in live and hope for anything good.I think what is remaining is death.I was diagnosed with high blood pressure three months ago and I am under medication.I don’t know who will help me!