My Girlfriend Gave Me Ksh10, 000 to Buy Her Phone,I Placed a Bet on Poland and Lost The Money. What Can I Do


Ever since last year November,my girlfriend has been saving money to buy Tecno phone.Yesterday morning she sent me Ksh10,000 and told me to go to Accra Road Nairobi where my friend sells phones and buy the phone for her.I took the money and placed a bet for Poland.I expected to earn Ksh12,000 more.

Poland lost to Senegal and all my money went. I became stressed until I switched off my phone. It’s only this morning I switched it on and found 23 missed calls from my girlfriend. The problem is that I had written on Facebook that I had placed a bet of Ksh10,000 and was waiting to reap big.

My girlfriend sent me a message that if I ate her money, our relationship will end forever. I have tried to borrow from friends but no one is willing to give me.I don’t know what to do because I might lose her.Please help me?