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Untapped Business Ideas in Kenya


Almost every business segment in Kenya is crowded and no matter how unique your idea is, you must find someone doing the same. Even so, there are a few untapped businesses someone should explore in the country.

Before you start any business, your main aim should be to attract as many clients as possible. In the event of attracting the clients you realize that other entrepreneurs also exist. To be safe, venturing into unfamiliar businesses is the surest way to maximize profits and gain business mileage.

What exactly are untapped business ideas in Kenya? Here are few realistic opportunities.

  1. Morgue business

What I like about morgue business is that most people fear having such controversial venture. It’s to your advantage because people won’t be in a hurry to compete with you.

The most unfortunate scenario is that people die on daily basis but few morgues exist, especially in our villages. As an entrepreneur your work is not to mind the picture people will hold of you but the amount of money you rake in at the end of the day.

  1. Dating site

If you ask any Kenyan to mention any single serious dating site, they won’t mention one. Dating business is one of the best ventures one would engage in.You will start small and grow to make billions annually as others watch. All you need is a website and few clients who will bring other clients.

  1. Luggage storage in Nairobi and Major Cities

As you enter Nairobi you realize that there’s no place you can temporarily store your luggage as you seek to move to your next destination. This is untapped business one should start immediately and get clients.I have been experiencing problems especially when I have heavy luggage and there’s nowhere to store as I move around.

If you have money, take a room in Nairobi CBD and start the business of storing luggage—this will be a major breakthrough for you.

I am actually planning to start this business if at all Kenyans won’t heed to this advice. I know it won’t take a day before I get hundreds of clients.

  1. Exchanging coins with notes

Another business you’ll easily get clients is one where you exchange coins with notes.Nowadays Ksh1 does not have much of value but when you add 1 plus 1 until you reach 1000 is when you realize the Ksh1 has value. What you’ll do is accept receive say Ksh 60 and give out Ksh 50 note. If someone has Ksh 13,you’ll give him Ksh10 coin and you take the thirteen coins.

After you have collected the coins, take them to the nearest banks and obtain notes.

You can even pass through homes to collect coins as you give the owners notes.