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5 Rules To Follow If You Want To Avoid Making Losses in Betting


I have been betting since 2005 when Lotto was the only game that excited me.Ever since, I have used 10 commandments to scare away losses. Betting is all about losses and profits but if you follow some rules you will experience limited losses.

If you’re a gambler and perhaps you’ve made losses to the point of opting to quit, follow the following commandments.

  1. Avoid multibets of more than 4 games

Multibets are exciting during betting but their outcomes are devastating. If it’s a must you place a multibet, avoid those that exceed 4 games, otherwise you’ll be disappointed again and again.

  1. Never spend your salary on betting

No matter how smart you are, you won’t earn more than the betting company. As a bettor, your only target is to enjoy the game and not to bankrupt the company. Research shows that only 30% of gamblers manage to make profits—the rest are the reason why betting companies exist.

Always enter the game knowing you can either lose or win such that if you spend all your money, you’ll know it’s a risk that was worth taking.

  1. No sure bet

In betting there is nothing like a sure bet…any team is likely to win against the opponent and there are several variables that determine the performance of a team. With this in mind, you’ll be more cautious when making your bets.

  1. There are no fixed matches

Several scammers would cheat you that they have fixed matches but in the real sense, they want to eat your money. If you find someone telling you of fixed matches, avoid that individual like a plague. While betting, have in mind that the result will be random and not fixed.

  1. After winning, don’t be overexcited and place all the money in subsequent bets.

Winning is sweet, there is nothing as good as winning a big bet.However,excitement can make you spend all the money in a win to place another bet.In most cases, money won in a bet are lost almost instant.

If you win money today, make sure you withdraw it immediately to avoid losing everything. If you reinvest the money, I swear you’ll lose it.

What I normally do is, whenever I win big money like Ksh 200, 000,I withdraw everything so that the betting company can feel the pinch then I come the following day to dig more.

6.Avoid games with big odds like 10

Always go for games with small odds and win small but regularly.If you find a game with an odd of 4 and another one with an odd of 1.3,it’s advisable not to go for one with 4.