Why You Should Not Travel to Another Town to Meet a Stranger. This is What Happened to this Man!


I met this girl on Facebook couple of months ago, she told me she live in Nakuru, we took lots of time knowing each other, I told her what she needed to know about me, I knew she was happy about it, I spend most of the time talking to her and she became mutual friend,singekaa siku bila kumjulia hali, we send each other our best photos, I wanted to meet and know her more coz I believed that the character she had shown me couple of weeks she could make a good girlfriend which could lead to marriage. On Friday I invited her in Nairobi, she told me she was fixed that she could not make it. But she promised she could visit on her leave.mwanaume nikajipea hope,nikaendelea kujitetea telling her I was lucky to have known her, I used to send her money when she needed. On Saturday she told me to visit her but I told her Mimi hukuwa off Sunday na Monday.and today was the day to visit her in nakuru and spend the night there and come back tomorrow..Leo asubui nikaamka nikaanza kujipanga so that I could start the journey in the evening.. I called her at 1pm she told me she was still working but gave me a go ahead to proceed with the journey that she could pick me in the bus station. Exactly four pm I was in town ready to travel.I called her ask if she needed anything so that i could buy, akaniambia nunua tu anything. Ikabidi niende hapo kwa store nikamfanyia shopping(3500). By five pm I confirm to her that I had started the journey to nakuru. 2hrs later I was in Nakuru I called her and she told me to wait for 30mnts since ameshikana kiasi na job .so I went to a near by cafe and took coffee coz it was getting to cold .I waited for almost an hour still she didn’t come.I called her she told me anamalizia so I should be patient. By 9pm I was still in the restaurant I called her she didn’t pic ..I tried to text her she didn’t reply .its now 10pm she is telling me that yeye alienda kwa Nyumba ..I didn’t question coz I wanted to be polite .sijui MTU huku Nakuru .I only have a friend who is miles away in gilgil ..Sai ndo nime ona text yake ati she can’t meet strangers.. I have no problem to spend in Nakuru but why would she make me travel all the way from Nairobi only to tell me she will not show up at this time of the hour ?? I can’t call her, I can’t tukana her.but I’ll post this here if she happens to read this.I want her to know that it’s not funny but am on my way to Nairobi ….