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Men,This is Why You Should Marry a Single Mother


Marrying a single mother is a taboo in some counties and men avoid women with children when looking for suitable persons to marry. While that’s the case, research shows that single mothers make the best wives especially when a man needs peace.

If you’re single and perhaps tired of dating slay queens, here are the valid reasons why single mothers are the best option.


A single mother knows that she has few options. She has gone through a lot until the only option she has is to obey her husband. This is the kind of a woman who can wash even your feet, if need be—she will do anything to please you as long as the name Mrs appears on her marriage certificate.


I think if you’re a single mother you know how it’s difficult to survive without the input of a man.If it happens that you get married, your work will be to advise the man on the best venture to invest in.

In common occasions, you find homes with wives who were once single mothers advanced in almost every aspect. It’s because the woman in the house is ambitious and innovative as well.


A woman who has come with her children will not like to betray you; she fears that if you chase her away, she may not get another man to marry her—that’s the reason she is ever loyal.

Intelligent children

Statistics was done three years ago to determine the marital status of parents of children who perform well in school. The shocking findings revealed that 70% of them are from single parent family,moreso single mothers.

Children brought up by single mothers are blessed in a unique way such that those with both parents trail in every aspect of life.If you inherit such children, you’ll thank God a thousand times.

They are not expensive to maintain

All single mothers want is love,basic needs and food.You won’t find them nagging eti take me out,sijui buy me chocolate,do this and that—once you love them and their children,you will live peacefully forever.

They are mature

A single mother acts as a mother and father and for the period she is single,she knows how to handle children,society and challenges.Even if you become broke, there’s no way this lady will belittle you or start behaving like a girl.