Pastor Kiuna’s Ksh 17 Million Range Rover Shows He is Already in Heaven (Photo)


Pastor Allan Kiuna is one of the richest pastors in Kenya. He owns a Ksh200 million house in Nairobi and several properties littered across the city. Besides, he is the proud owner of a Range Rover worth Ksh17 million.

Over the weekend, he managed to take a photo outside his Range Rover and his followers couldn’t believe he owns such an expensive machine. For the first time, the congregation didn’t pay enough tithes as they used to when they thought enriching a pastor is the surest route to heaven.

Each Sunday over 1000 people attend JCC,Kiuna’s church and nearly every member pays Ksh 1000…there are a host of others who pay up to Ksh100,000.In a good weekend,Kiuna will collect over Ksh 3 million.We don’t know whether there is a serious foundation where the money is channeled to.

Anyway, here is the pastor’s Range Rover bought out of his sweat.