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This Man Conned me Ksh 250,000 By Promising to Give My Brother KDF Job. What I Did to Recover The Money Left Him in Tears


This year I went through hell after I was conned Ksh 250,000 by a man who claimed he worked with KDF.The guy sued to fellowship with my father in Thika and during a chat he told him there were vacancies at KDF,that was in February 2018.

My father called me after the meeting, excited and eager to get my younger brother a job.My brother had graduated from KIM with a Diploma and had stayed home for two years without a job.Any opportunity for him was okay.I said since my father trusted his friend ,I would do anything humanly possible to pay whatever amount he wanted so that my brother would be employed.

I took the man’s contact and we kept in tough. After about three weeks he called me to inform that the big man at KDF had demanded Ksh 250,000 for my brother to be employed. He assured me that once I pay, that’s it.

I went to Equity Bank and took a loan of Ksh300,000.I then gave my father who took the money to the man.The man told us to wait for one month for our brother to be employed.

Three weeks after he took the money,we never heard from him and my father neither saw him in church.One evening I asked my father to call him and confirm about the progress.The man replied,”niko safari kiasi lakini nimeambiwa kuajiriwa ni next week.Wacha aende Thika Stadium angoje huko atakujiwa”.We were so excited to hear the news  and we thanked him several times.

The following week my brother took a shower and proceeded to Thika as instructed. I escorted him to Nairobi CBD and showed him gari za kuenda Thika.Kufika Thika my brother waited for the person he was told to meet in the field until it was 11am.People who had assembled for recruitment started the process, names were called and my brother’s name was missing.He decided to call my father to confirm why his name was missing. When my father tried to inquire from his friend, he was shocked the number was switched off.

In church the man had already stopped attending and he had already relocated to another town. We tried to reach out to his friends but in vain. My brother gave up on the job and returned home to idle as usual.

Stress started as I started figuring out how to pay the loan. I told my father I must revenge but he instated that God will personally punish the man.

One morning,I went through my diary and got the following contacts:

Phone number:  +254740637248

Email address: [email protected]

Website  www.mugwenudoctors.com.

I had gotten the numbers online after a story was highlighted by one of the blogs. I called the person to know how he could help me.A man by the name Mugwenu picked my call and told me to visit his office.Since I was bitter,I never minded what would happen to me as long as I taught the conman a lesson.

I went to the Mugwenu’s office who requested the details of the man who conned us.The following week I went to his work place and he did what he did for three hours and promised something strange will happen.

One evening,a week later,I received a strange call from a familiar voice.”my brother,nisamehe aki kwa yale nilifanya.Since last week sijalala,naona kuna nyoka inanikimbiza kila usiku kwa usingizi.Kibaya zaidi  ni vile sijaenda choo kwa siku nne.Nilienda hospitali nikaambiwa constipation,I was given medicine laking sijapona.Usiku sauti zinaniambia nirudishe pesa.Tafadhali nitrarudisha pesa kesho na mniondolee shida,my stomach will kill me”.

I gave him a day or else his children will suffer.That night as I was taking supper I received Ksh 250,000 in my phone….I didn’t believe my action had done magic. Even my father couldn’t believe his eyes.Just a single phone call to +254740637248 saved me the agony of repaying the loan and ensured someone learnt a lesson through the hard way.