“Wacha Kubomoa Manyumba:Serikali Isongeshe Mito”,Waititu


Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has asked the government to divert rivers instead of demolishing houses. Speaking in church yesterday morning, the Punjab graduate cautioned that it’s easier to divert rivers than demolishing houses.

“Mimi nashauri serikali,tafadhali badala ya kubomoa nyumba songesha mito “,he said while addressing worshipers.

Waititu also assured Deputy President William Ruto that 99% of Mount Kenya region is behind him.He added that it’s only that the people in the area are not fond of shouting but making their voice heard through the ballot.

The governor is one of few individuals who own apartments in Embakasi and Pipeline. The two estates occupy swampy area which was initially not suitable for occupancy.

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