“Zima Lights Ndio Itakuwa Tamu…na Ukumbuke ni two thousand leo ukikaa sana”,aliambia Mume Wangu Nikisikia


Hakuna kitu mbaya kama mwanaume wa kuleta mwanamke kwa nyumba yako.I have been married for 11 years .We have three children and my last born is 4 months old.

Ever since we got married, my husband was faithful and responsible; he loved the church and nothing distracted him from loving me.At one time I thought I had the best husband especially when other women complained to me about their husbands. Mimi nilikuwa nacheka tu kwa roho.

Our issues started when I was pregnant for my last born. I stayed for 3 months without sleeping with him and I think it’s during this time he got a mpango wa kando.

I realized my husband wasn’t with me when I experienced labour pains.That evening,my sister called him and the person who picked the call was a woman. She replied,”George ako kwa bathroom,akirudi nitampea simu apige”.My sister asked the woman to identify herself and she responded,”hiyo usitake kujua,jua tu ako kwangu na atatoka nikimrelease”.The phone was on a loud speaker and I could hear everything. That evening, my sister called for a taxi which took me to hospital. My husband came few hours late and I couldn’t ask him what he was doing out there.

I successfully delivered and after two day, I was out of hospital. But there’s one thing that completely broke me up. I had tried to call my husband several times and he didn’t pick my calls. I decided to leave the hospital without his company…but I thank God my sister was on my side while I was undergoing all the pain.

Wakati nilifika kwa mlango—it was raining—I entered without knocking and what I heard dleft me completely heart broken. A woman was shouting from my bedroom,” Zima Lights Ndio Itakuwa Tamu…na Ukumbuke ni two thousand leo ukikaa sana”.I thought I was dreaming and become more attentive. Another voice came, “ouch, ouch, ohyaa,ohyaa”.My sister pushed the door open  and within no time, a lady pushed herself outside the bedroom and managed to disappear. I remained with my husband in the bedroom, who also managed to sneak out of the room after few seconds of shame.

For one week, my husband never appeared in my house, he never sent me money or came to see his child. His phone was off and no one knew where the lady lived. I tried to wait for his return for 2 weeks and he never appeared. That’s when I managed to call Dr Mugwenu to help me trace my husband.I had gotten the contacts from a friend who recovered his stolen property through house breaking.The number was +254740637248

Dr Mugwenu came to my house and smeared the door with some concoction. He went to the bedroom and did the same. Then he told me to wait for answers after few days.

After two days,my husband called me and this is what he told me,”aki nisamehe,sijalala tangu juzi sababu naona nyoka inanikimbiza.Nikitaka kulala nashtuliwa na nduru an hata mwanamke alinidanganya pia anakimbizwa na panga kwa ndoto.Shida kitu yangu imekataa kazi na sijui kama kuna kitu ulinifanyia.

I told him to come before  the worst happens.That evening he managed to come.

Since then I haven’t heard any issues with him,It’s now three months.

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