10 Things You Should Never Say Over Text Message


Here are 10 things you should never say over text message

1. Tells Someone Bad News About Your Health – It doesn’t give the person a chance to process the information fully, and may make it seem like you don’t care about their feelings.
2. Break Up With Someone – If you want things to end on amicable terms, don’t ever break up over text
3. Bring Up An Old Argument -Not only are you stirring up old dirt, you’re doing it in a passive aggressive way that prevents someone from responding in any meaningful sort of way
4. Send Passwords -you never really know who is seeing someone’s phone or flipping through someone’s text messages, so it’s never a good idea to send passwords via text message
5. Send Unsolicited Sexual Photos – This can include unsolicited nude photos, unwarranted sexts, and progressing with sexual conversations and requests when the person has shown no interest
6. Complain About Your Workplace – Friends (especially co-workers) can quickly become foes, and your job could become in jeopardy if those texts were shared with the wrong people
7. Announce A Death – Hearing that someone has passed never feels good, but when you announce it over text, you have no idea where that person is or what they are doing when they receive it
8. Handle Job-Related Problems – It’s nerve-wracking having to confront a coworker or your boss about an issue you’re having, but hiding behind your phone is not the way to go
9. Spread Gossip – This is never a good idea because it’s too easy to take a screenshot or send a message along to anyone
10. Say “I Love You” For The First Time -You’ll never be taken seriously if you convey something packed with so much emotion and feeling through an emotionless text message