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David the Student Becomes a Conman in USA:Here is the Juicy Story!


Churchil show comedian David the Student is now a conman. David boarded a plane to USA where he started his new career.

Several Kenyans living in the US have reported that the comedian has conned them in broad daylight .One of the stories highlighted on social media says:

“Red Alert my diaspora people. I want to notify you of a con man who has given some of us a hard time here in the diaspora…Comedian “David the Student” from churchill show is a real con man..the dude has taken money from our pocket in pretence of ,either his dad is sick of cancer, his relatives hospitalized in a coma or sth of the sort…I personally introduced David the student to Solo Rafikiz, the owner of Rafikiz Restaurant in Seattle to host him after he fell out with his promoter steve mbugua and i understand the fall out was after steve received list of people who has been conned in the name of his promoter, please keep an eye of him trying to get little money from you coz he’s on the look out. We Kenyans in the diaspora are tired of lazy people taking advantage of us. Am Putting this in public coz I wouldn’t let this happen to any of us like it has happened to me. If someone needs help just come out clean and ask for people to help you otherwise we work freaking hard to be lied to help. Am a veteran who earned his coin thro hard work and lots of sacrifices in deployment and wouldn’t take advantage of any folks here who work tirelessly and sleepless to earn his coin.”

David’s star was rising until he realized comedy isn’t paying anymore, he decided to shift his career and now he is a wanted man in the US.