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Touch The End of Your Toes and You Will Know if You Have a Heart Problem or Not (Read More)


The following article will teach you about one simple method that can be helpful in determining the condition of your heart. According to recent studies, people who can bend enough to be able to touch their toes have healthy heart.

To do this method you must sit on the floor with your legs stretched and your toes pointing up. Then try to touch your toes with your hands. If you touch them your body is flexible enough and that means that your heart is also flexible and healthy.

The study was done in USA and it involved 526 participants aged 20 to 80.

In the end it was confirmed that, the participants with heart disease couldn’t touch their toes. This research found a link between the body and the artery elasticity, especially in participants over 40.

Try this method and if you can touch your toes while sitting straight, your heart is in perfect condition. But if you can’t do it, consult your doctor immediately.

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