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Taj Mall to Be Demolished Anytime from Now


Airgate Mall formerly Taj Mall is set to be demolished anytime from now. The government has cleared all kiosks near the mall and anyone owning a shop in the mall has been told to move elsewhere.

The government had given the owner, Rameshchandra Govind Gorasia,two weeks to demolish the mall.He has however dared Uhuru’s government to demolish it.

“I am saying this openly to any authority, I am not going to remove this structure, not even to my death! If they want to remove it, they come and do it themselves,” said an irate Gorasia.

“Whoever is ordering this demolition stop hiding, come out and face me, I am not scared of anything.”

Today,the green bulldozer was seen loitering near the building and it won’t take time before it strikes.

Taj Mall is one of the many buildings marked for demolition.