After reading this, you will surely start putting cabbage leaves on your chest and legs!


Natural remedies are always the best and mostly don’t have any side effects. Cabbage is one of the most used vegetables for curing diseases in the human body. It is full with Vitamin C and it is usually used to treat conditions such as headache, thyroid gland issues etc.

But the cabbage can be used in a different way to help us. It can be put on human bodies and it acts as a magnet for different health problems. So, from now on except putting the cabbage in salads, you can put it on different body parts to cure different conditions:

If you are a mother and you are breastfeeding your child putting cabbage leaves on your breast can ease the pain from breastfeeding. Firstly, put the leaves into cold water and then cut the stem from the center of the leaf. Put it on your breasts but don’t cover your nipples. Put on your bra and leave the leaves act for 20 minutes until you feel a warm feeling.

  • If you have thyroid gland issues cabbage leaves will help you. The thyroid gland is a very important part of the human body, because it affects the hormonal growth, the metabolism and the digestive system. For normal work of it put cabbage leaves on your throat where the thyroid gland is located, cover it with bandage and leave it all night.
  • Do you have swellings in your arms or legs? Try putting cabbage leaves on that areas, dress it with bandage and sleep with that compress. You will see big difference in the morning.
  • The best cure for headache is putting fresh cabbage leaven in your temples and in the upper part of the head.