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Sportpesa Midweek Jackpot Predictions, 28 August, 2018


We have to admit that this week’s mega jackpot was the most difficult in the history of Sportpesa.If you managed to get 12 correct predictions, you’ll walk home with handsome cash.

Last week we managed 9 correct predictions for the midweek jackpot and we hope to get above 10 in this week’s midweek jackpot.

For almost three months now, no Kenyan has managed to win the jackpot and as a result the amount has risen to Ksh 38,458,034.But it looks like someone will walk home with this jackpot.

The analyzed jackpot is as follows:

  1. Swansea vs Crystal Palace—Crystal Palace win
  2. Brighton vs Southampton—Draw
  3. Hull City vs Derby—Hull City win or draw
  4. Dynamo Zagreb vs BSC Young Boys—Draw
  5. Dynamo Kiev vs Ajax—Dynamo Kiev win
  6. Stoke City vs Huddersfield—Huddersfield win
  7. Nottingham vs Newcastle—Nottingham or Newcastle win
  8. Paok FC vs SL Benfica—Draw
  9. Reading vs Watford—Watford win
  10. FC UFA vs Rangers FC—FC UFA win
  11. FC Copenhagen vs Atalanta—FC Copenhagen win
  12. Apollo Limassol vs FC Basel—Apollo Limassol win
  13. Burnley vs Olympiacos—Olympiacos win

There are few secrets that’s needed for one to get at least a bonus. The games that are placed in the jackpot are those with equal strength so there must be at least 3 draws in each midweek jackpot and at least 4 in the mega jackpot. Your first task is to identify the draws. If your selections don’t have at least 3 draws, count yourself out of the bonus zone.

The second task is to identify home teams that are likely to win. Any team that has lost a game and is heading to another tough match will not be defeated easily. Your task is to identify teams that lost their previous match. If they are 5 in number,2 or 3 must win, there must be a draw and at most two losses.

We’ll give other hints in the next post….

Each week as we post the midweek and mega jackpot, we also send another one to subsribers.The one we send to subscribers has key teams that should be interchanged and teams we are sure they will win.

It’s easier for a subscriber to get the bonus because the moment they interchange few games, they find themselves in the bonus zone. To be a subscriber, you have to pay Ksh 1000 per month to 0722927138.Once we receive your money, your name and details are automatically captured in our system and you’ll receive the analyzed jackpot. We’’’ notify you once we receive your money—you don’t have to call.

Note that the jackpot we post on our site can also win you the bonus, what you need is to interchange a few games—2 or 3.Our average is 8 games!