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What To Do To Become a Successful Blogger


I have been blogging for the last 7 years and I have seen it all. Becoming a successful blogger isn’t a walk in the park. For newbies, you certainly have bloggers you look up to and you wish to be them one day.However,you need to employ numerous strategies for you to become a first class blogger.

A successful blogger is one that earns enough to feed them, and have surplus for miscellaneous spending. This individual loves his work and consistently remains afloat for as long as his content is relevant to his readers.

Anyway, this is what is needed from you if you aspire to become a successful blogger.

  1. Unique content

What irritates readers most is when they always visit a website and only find content that had already appeared on other websites.

Any popular website that is an authority in its niche has unique content with its own style of writing. Nearly 90% of the content on the website is original and unique.

For you to succeed as a blogger, you must have your own style of writing and unique content which attract the attention of your readers.

  1. Provide answers

If your content does not provide answers to reader, there is no way your blog will be popular. For instance, if an individual was seeking the best betting sites for high odds, you should be honest in your article and direct the readers accordingly.

If readers visit your site only to discover that you only have filler article, no answer, no nothing, they won’t visit your site again.

  1. Hosting

Most bloggers quit blogging because of hosting challenges. You sleep while your site is up and when you wake up, you realize it’s down. It’s highly demoralizing when you have troubles with hosting. The best thing to do is search for the best hosting company and migrate your site to the company. I will propose kinsta because it’s the one that has provided the service for my 6 websites for 3 years.Here is the link to Kinsta, check their hosting plans.

  1. Income

Without income, you can’t run a successful blog. Nearly 95% of bloggers depend on AdSense for survival. While AdSense is a good way to generate income, it’s not the best. Most established bloggers earn recurring income and it only comes through affiliate programs. If you check the list of richest bloggers, nearly 98% are those in affiliate programs.

For you to be satisfied with your work, you need to diversify your income; ensure you join one or a couple of affiliate incomes, seek direct adverts and devise other ways of making money online. You can also use Adsense alternatives like MGID (Click here to register with MGID)

  1. Consistence

Consistence is key to successful blogging. The more you generate content, the more you gain readers. When you cease to update your site regularly, readers will stop taking you seriously and you’ll eventually lose audience.

  1. Keywords

The most important thing in content generation is keywords. Before you become a pro,you have to know which words people search mostly online and centre your content around those keywords. You can use SeMush to learn the most popular keywords and how to generate them.Sign up here