Data Analyst and Statistician Jobs in Kenya,Earn Ksh 200,000


Associate, Data Learning

MLIS – Nairobi, Kenya

Job purpose                   

The Data Learning team is part of the larger Monitoring Learning and Information System (MLIS team) within Evidence Action.

The MLIS team is an internal consulting team that provides timely access to data for evidence-based decision making through well-designed monitoring and analysis. The Data Learning team helps translate and conceptualize data into clear, useful written and visual outputs to support program teams in evidence-based decision making. The team also plays a key role in communication with the program teams and in overseeing the MLIS knowledge management systems.

As part of the data-driven nature of the MLIS team, we are looking for an individual that is able to transform data into insightful visual and written outputs with a keen eye for detail and accuracy.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Routinely provide high quality written reports as required
  • Translate analysis output into useful insights for decision making
  • Present data outputs through presentations to the MLIS and wider Evidence Action staff
  • Create regular high quality is written and visual reports and presentation for program teams and donor reporting.
  • Explore new and innovative analytical and visualization tools and avenues to showcase MLIS work
  • Routinely attend meetings within MLIS and across various programs as required
  • Support efforts for the generation of Knowledge Management framework for MLIS
  • Management of the MLIS tools of collaboration (i.e. Asana, Box, etc)
  • Write a monthly MLIS newsletter
  •  Identify innovative methods or tools for conducting MLIS work & pilot these innovations
  • Make MLIS data more accessible, understandable and usable for program teams by creating visual outputs and graphics  using data visualization software


  • Education: Bachelor Degree in Communication, Data analytics, Maths, Statistics or Economics.
  • Specialized knowledge: Prior experience with data and image visualization software – Tableau/PowerBI, Piktochart, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP.
  • Essential skills: Ability to work with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
  • Experience in developing reports and presentation from data analysis out/ transforming data into insight
  • Abilities: Excellent report writing skills, ability to work with large amounts of information and see the ‘bigger picture’; critical thinking: ability to look at number, trends and data and come to a new conclusion based on findings, excellent writing skills; creativity or passion for design
  • Characteristics: Pro-active; Strong communication skills; Creative/Thinking out of the box, Eye for detail and Love for data.
  • Must be confident when making a presentation to a large audience and facilitating a meeting.
  • Proven work experience in data analytics or data visualization.

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