What is Euro Handicap in Betting


Euro Handicap is a common phrase used in betting. The meaning of this statement is sometimes confusing for gamblers. In simple term, when someone says Euro Handicap, he means a given team has a certain number of more goals than the opponent.

Assuming the home team has scored 1 goals against zero for the opponent, the Euro Handicap is 1.The 1 is the extra goal scored by the opponent. Another example is when home team scores 3 goals against 1 for the opponent. The Euro Handicap is 2, which is the different in the number of goals between the two teams.

Other examples are shown below:

2:1(Euro Handicap is 1)

4:1(Euro Handicap is 3)

1:5(Euro Handicap is 4)

Euro Handicap is one of the best betting options to choose when you want impressive odds. The higher the gap in the number of goals, the higher the odds especially when the opposing teams have nearly equal strength.