How to Get Correct Score Predictions from Venas News


If you’re a serious gambler, it’s good you focus on correct score and HT/FT bets. Correct scores can have odds in excess of 100 and with Ksh 100 bet, you’ll earn Ksh10, 000.Venas News sends 4 to 6 bets to subscribers each day and we only target 2 correct predictions. Each correct score bet will earn you not less than Ksh 700 from Ksh 100 bet. In a good day we get 4/5 correct predictions and gamblers who bet with Ksh1000 for each bet end up earning up to Ksh100,000.

For you to earn profit in a week, your target should be 1 correct prediction out of 3 in 5 days out of 7.This is achievable based on our previous statistics.

Correct score predictions are for exclusive club of bettors, people who understand what losing and winning means in gambling. It’ s not for individuals who are fond of complaining when things don’t go their way. In fact, this is where you can make losses for 2 consecutive days and on the third day you get  4/4 correct predictions and earn Ksh 100,000.

If you want to be part of the many gamblers who are making their living out of correct score predictions, register with us and we’ll send the bets daily for one month. Registration is Ksh3000 for a month and you pay the amount to 0722927138.