How to Avoid Being Scammed Online By People Selling Betting Tips


Being conned online has become a normal thing for gamblers. To avoid scammers who pretend to be selling bets, you need to know a couple of things. I once lost Ksh 5,000 to one of the individuals calling themselves super tipsters and learnt a lesson.

Having witnessed horrible experiences involving online scammers, I believe this article will help you not to fall to their tricks.

Recently, this is what one of my readers told me:

“A week ago one of the tipsters in Telegram told me to pay Ksh 5,000 for 3 correct score sure bets. The tipster had assured me he has someone in Europe who supplies him with sure tips. Each of the bets had odds of 25 and I thought it was a good deal to buy them. What convinced me more was the fact that he had showed me previous winnings.

I paid the cash to his phone after a long conversation. Immediately I paid, he blocked me and that was the last time I heard from him”.

Such cases are dominant online and a number of us have lost huge junks of money chasing sure tips. But upon learning tricks scammers use, we became more cautions.

Scammers always target naïve individuals, especially those who are green in matters to do with betting. But for experienced gamblers like us, here is how we avoid being scammed online:

  1. Check online reviews of the website and tipsters

Any experienced tipster must have people talking about them online and offline. If the website or individual does not have history, never buy from them.

  1. Scammers hide their contacts

If you find a website without phone contacts, you shouldn’t even think of buying tips from them. Such websites have only a form where you fill the details in case you wish to communicate. Sometimes the contacts may be available but when you call, the call does not go through.

Always ensure you call the service provider before you purchase the tips.

  1. Ask whether they have fixed matches, if they say yes and are based locally, avoid them like a plague

Fixed matches are rare to get nowadays and that’s what scammers bank on to get money from unsuspecting customers. As a customer, ask the individual claiming to be a tipster whether they have fixed matches. If they say yes, start reading red signs. Go ahead and ask whether they can provide 1000 odd,if they say yes, then run my friend. Good tipsters will frankly tell you they rarely provide fixed matches and scammers will always tell you they have fixed matches so that you can pay.

  1. Buy tips from companies with established systems

Before you buy tips ask the tipster how they are going to send you games. Most established tipsters have collaborated with mobile service providers to supply odds via bulk SMS services, others are using email services. But scammers will only use WhatsApp and Telegram which are not heavily reliable.

  1. Matches for testing

A good tipster will always give matches for testing. There are many ways to do so but the most effective is when they provide on their websites. The matches should be those yet to be played.

If you find a tipster showing already played matches without displaying yet to be played games, that’s a scammer.

  1. Don’t pay huge sums of money for a single game

If someone tells you to pay Ksh 5,000 for a fixed match, run my friend. Scammers always charge high and prefer one-time payment so that you cannot question them in future.Genuine prediction companies have packages that run for days, weeks and months but scammers prefer one off payment and in huge sums.

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