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Safaricom Data Bundle Prices 2018


Safaricom data bundle prices range between Ksh 5 and Ksh 9,000 depending on the quantity you wish to purchase. In 2019 the prices won’t vary much but it will depend on the government’s tax policy.

Though Safaricom bundles are relatively expensive, they are worth buying because browsing with Safaricom is faster than browsing with any other telecom line.

If you wish to know how much Safaricom sells bundles,here are the prices as at 2019

Daily Data Bundles

Data Bundles SMS WhatsApp Price (KSHs.)
7MB  7 SMS NO 5.00
15MB 15 SMS NO 10.00
50MB 50 SMS YES 20.00
150MB 150 SMS YES 50.00
500MB 500 SMS YES 99.00
Giga 1GB  N/A NO 99.00

Weekly Data Bundles

Data Bundles WhatsApp Price (KSHs.)
100MB NO 50.00
350MB YES 99.00
1GB YES 250.00
3GB YES 500.00
Giga 10GB NO 999.00

Monthly Data Bundles

Data Bundles WhatsApp Price (KSHs.)
350MB N0 250.00
2GB YES 500.00
5GB YES 1,000.00
15GB YES 2,000.00
25GB YES 3,000.00

90 Day Data Bundles

Data Bundles Price (KSHs.)
6GB 3,000.00
16GB 6,000.00
30GB 9,000.00