List of Countries where match fixing is likely to occur


Match fixing occurs when two teams conspire to produce a predetermined outcome. There are specific countries where match fixing is silently practiced or where the vice had been detected and action taken.

As a gambler, this is useful information that will guide you when placing your bets.

While fixed matches are rare, nearly every month incidences of fixed matches occur .They mostly happen in lower division where even if a team losses a match, the outcome won’t impact negatively on their ranking. Another case is when a team has already won the league and is meeting a team that’s facing relegations. Other incidences happen during tournaments where one team must secure some points for it to qualify to the next stage.

Before a tipster informs you that they have a fixed match they’re selling,ask them ,”from which country?”.In the past,incidences of match fixing were detected in the following countries:

  1. Britain
  2. Italy
  3. Kenya
  4. Portugal
  5. South Africa
  6. Germany
  7. Brazil
  8. Nigeria
  9. Ukrain
  10. Finland
  11. Austria
  12. Bosnia
  13. Croatia
  14. Hungary
  15. Slovenia
  16. Turkey
  17. Australia

Some examples of match fixing are listed below:

In June 2004 in South Africa, thirty-three people (including nineteen referees, club officials, a match commissioner and an official of the South African Football Association) were arrested on match-fixing charges.

In July 2005, Italian Serie B champions Genoa was placed last in the division by the sporting justice, and therefore condemned to relegation in Serie C1, after it was revealed that they bribed their opponents in the final match of the season, Venezia to throw the match. His president Enrico Preziozi was banned for five years after being guilty by the sporting justice. Genoa won the match 3–2 and had apparently secured promotion to Serie A.

In June 2011, trials started for people allegedly involved in fixing Finnish football matches. One team, Tampere United was indefinitely suspended from Finnish football for accepting payments from a person known for match-fixing

You can check more examples here

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