Worst Paying Jobs in Kenya 2019


Whether you’re educated or not there are jobs that pay the worst. For instance, if you’re in the education sector, making over Ksh 200,000 is a miracle. We actually know jobs one earns over Ksh 200,000 even with a certificate qualification.

What determines the amount one is paid is: the number of qualified personnel in that profession, risks involved, accumulated work experience and the number of opportunities in that sector. Some of the highest paying sectors include finance, banking, human resources, aviation and law. The lowest paying sectors are as listed below:

  1. Teaching

In teaching it doesn’t matter how many degrees you’ve accumulated, you will never earn above Ksh 200,000.this sector has a salary ceiling and the average pay of a teacher is Ksh 45,000.

In reality, MPESA owner in Nairobi makes more money than a high school teacher especially if one operates the shop in a busy environment.

  1. Security

Whether you’re employed as a police officer or watchman, you’ll still not eat in the high table. Police officers earn Ksh 20,000 to Ksh 40,000 and if one is promoted to the senior level the salary does not exceed Ksh 150,000.

To be a police officer, depending on your monthly net pay, there is little you can do unless you have extra source of income.

  1. Supermarket attendant

Being a supermarket attendant is like being in a cell. The job does not have job security, it neither pays and has the worst working environment. It’s really hard to find a supermarket attendant smiling—and the reason is the meager pay they receive.

What is shocking is that despite supermarket attendants earning Ksh 15,000 per month, they work for a minimum of 12 hours.

  1. Insurance sales executives

Another job you should not salivate for is insurance sales executive, commonly referred to as Insurance Financial Advisors. The job pays nothing and you work like a donkey. In essense,this is the most stressful jobs in Kenya.

  1. Front Office Executive

Front Office Executive is the same as secretary. The average salary of a front office executive is Ksh 25,000 and if one has overstayed in the job the maximum amount they can earn is Ksh 80,000

  1. Nursing

While we are happy that our doctors are handsomely compensates, Nurses, who work under them, are living in abject poverty. Nurses work in shifts and their job is quite involving but getting a nurse earning in excess of Ksh 100,000 is almost a miracle.

  1. Waiter/Waitress

When you see a job advert seeking a waiter, know that your pay will range between Ksh 10,000 and Ksh 20,000.Assuming the house you’ll be living costs Ksh 7,000 per month, how will you survive with Ksh 20,000 per month?!!!

I will do any job but being a waiter is NO.By the way, do you know someone who hawks njugu earns more than a waiter?

  1. Construction worker

Construction supervisors and managers earn a decent pay but those working under them are miserable. Per day a construction worker in Kenya makes Ksh500 to Ksh1, 000.Surely, how will you survive with this pay?!!