BetLion vs Sportpesa, Which is Better!


A New betting site has been launched in Kenya and it’s called BetLion.This website promises Ksh 350 million if one correctly predict 20 games. We wish to analyze the two companies to determine whether BetLion will outsmart and outdo Sportpesa to become the leading sports betting company in Kenya.

One thing I would say from the bottom of my heart is that the idea of Ksh 350 million jackpot introduced by BetLion is a good idea but having 20 games in the jackpot would not auger well for the company.I have done side by side analysis and came up with this table:

Number of Correct Predictions SPORTPESA BETLION
20 Correct Predictions N/A Ksh 350 million
19 correct predictions N/A Ksh 5 million
18 Correct predictions N/A Ksh 1million
17 correct predictions Ksh 100 million-Ksh 1 billion Ksh 500,000
16 correct predictions Ksh 1 million to Ksh 200 million N/A

What you will notice is that while Sportpesa gives bettors up to Ksh 1 billion after winning,BetLion gives a paltry Ksh 500,000.It’s also shocking that the number of matches in BetLion are too many and for one to get all the 20 games, the jackpot will stay for more than 2 years without being won.

What I like most about Sportpesa is that they have been in the industry for long and upon winning, the winner is 100% sure of getting his money. One thing you should know as a gambler is that when a company is new in the industry, there are so many uncertainties surrounding their programs. For experienced gamblers, it’s hard to shift to a new company because of the fear of uncertainty.

I remember there’s a company that was owned by a popular journalist in Kenya. The company didn’t last even a year—it was closed down because the owners went bankrupt. It might happen with BetLion is they introduce the jackpot and someone wins the Ksh 350 million in the first week. But for Sportpesa, even if you win Ksh 1 billion,it won’t collapse—they have made enough money.

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