Richest Governors in Kenya 2019


When it comes to wealth,you won’t be wrong to say Mike Sonko is among the richest governors in Kenya as of 2019.

With the exit of Evans Kidero, Kinuthia Mbugua and a couple of other governors who appeared on our earlier list, we have new entrants, who smell cash from miles.

Elections are over and Governors have resumed office. Each governor controls resources amounting to over Ksh10 billions of shillings with Mike Sonko slated to control over Ksh 40 billion per annum, which will come from revenue collection.

Without beating around the bush here is a list of richest governors in Kenya for the years 2017 to 2022

  1. Ali Hassan Joho

Ali Hassan Joho replaces Evans Kidero to make it to the top of the list of top 10 richest governors in Kenya.Joho,who owns several companies, including clearing and forwarding companies at KPA ,a family house in Nyali and several apartments in Mombasa  has retained his seat as the Governor of Mombasa. He is expected to accumulate more wealth as he oversees the running of the County, which is a tourist destination County.

  1. Francis Kimemia

Francis Kimemia,former Head of civil Service also joins this list as one of the richest governors.Having worked in the government and held several senior positions,Kimemia managed to legally accumulate enough to feed his generation.He currently owns a home in Nakuru and Nyandarua.He also has interests in Real Estate and manufacturing industry.

Kimemia’s net worth is in excess of Ksh 5 billion.

  1. Mike Mbuvi Sonko

Mike Sonko is the third most powerful person in Kenya trailing President Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto.The incoming Governor of Nairobi has over the past 5 years spent over Ksh 3 billion to campaign for Nairobi’s top seat…he captured it.Sonko will control revenues of upwards Ksh 50 billion per annum and is expected to earn over Ksh 200 million in salaries and allowances over the next five years, there are also other sources of income, which will naturally come that will be in the tune of billions.

The governor almost became broke while campaigning but his investments in real estate saved him the embarrassment.


Lee Kinyanjui is the incoming governor of Nakuru, one who edged out Kinuthia Mbugua to grab a seat that attracted several other heavyweights. Lee is related with one of the most famous families in Kenya and has worked for the government in the past.

Though the governor’s net worth cannot be established at the moment, he can be classified among Class B millionaires in Kenya-those owning assets whose net value is Ksh 500 million to Ksh 10 billion.


Alfred Mutua humiliated Wavinya Ndeti to recapture the Machakos Gubernatorial seat. The governor ,by virtue of holding the same position over the past five years and having worked as the government spokesman in the Kenyatta administration, he ranks among the most popular and richest governors in Kenya.Mutua has two homes, one in Machakos and another one in Limuru,he has also invested heavily in the media and real estate industries.


Sospeter Ojaamong’s name had to be in this list. The governor is related to Raila Odinga and is stinking rich.


If you aren’t aware,Raila rarely interact with poor leaders, which is the reason he single handedly picked James Ongwae as his pointman in Kisii.Ongwae has several houses in Kisii County and apartments in Nairobi. He also owns a home in Nairobi.


Charity Ngilu has survived in politics for this long because she has money. The Kitui governor inherited several billions left behind by her deceased husband, who was an engineer. She has also managed to accumulate enough, invested heavily and saved enough to feed her generation.


Granton Graham Samboja has been a big name in the media industry. The incoming Taita Taveta governor sold his Milele FM station to Kenyatta family and pockets hundreds of millions. He has worked at Standard Group and several other stations. As he joins the list of ‘who is who’ in Kenya, he comes in as a big name.


Who told you Waititu is poor?!!The reason why Kabogo had to give up is because of Waititu’f financial muscles.The guy has over time,in and out of politics, concentrated on building apartments  in Eastlands.If you aren’t among the 10,000 millionaires in Nairobi,then the governor is not your class.


Zachary Obado is the current Governor for Migori County.His net worth was recently exposed when he had a case in court.Mr Obado,who’s education is average,owns assets estimated at Ksh 5 billion.He is among the richest Luos in Kenya.