Top 7 beautiful and creative ways to propose a girl


Here are 7 creative ways to propose to a girl

  1. A romantic Dinner :

This is one of the traditional and most classy ways of proposing a girl. A girl always dream of being proposed by

her guy in romantic environment. You may arrange a special candle-light evening in private with her favorite music. With such lovely ambience you can have a heart to heart romantic chat and make her realize your real love for her.

  1. Be Yourself :

If you are a frank person and believes in cut to cut sharing of your thoughts then you can just be yourself. You can look for a suitable moment and propose your girl in a very genuine manner. If she knows you well she will totally understand you.

  1. Propose on Special Day :

If you want to make proposal really memorable for her, choose a special day for her. You can choose her birthday or Valentines Day or her favorite festival and celebrate with her in a special way. At the end of

this day you can convey your feelings in a romantically.

  1. At your Secret Place :

Every couple has there own secret hideout. Rather than planning your proposal at a great place you use that secret place in a special way. You can

take her to that place relish your sweet memories and time you spent there and then tell her feelings. She will be really happy and respond in your favor.

  1. Propose on favorite radio or other show :

If your girlfriend fond of music and radio listener then you have a good chance to propose her on radio in front of whole world. You can dedicate a particular song expressing your feelings. This would definitely surprise her.

  1. Go Creative :

Girls are very warm hearted creatures. They just melt away with small small efforts and expressions. If you believe in creativity then make some effort and make her feel special. You can opt for traditional way and make a lovely card for her or you can take a technological turn and

create a very special web page for proposing her.

  1. Write for her :

If you have poetic instinct in you then go for writing a song or poem for her. Sing it for her and propose her to be in your

life forever.