Why you Should not Open a Soda with your Teeth


Opening a soda with your teeth can bring serious health problems, which will take forever to solve. In most cases when people don’t have soda opener, they resort to opening it using their teeth. This may be an immediate solution but if the action is done repeatedly, your teeth will eventually crack and treating them may take centuries.

The soda you drink is sealed with a metal, which is much harder than your teeth. It’s also a fact that as you grow, the strength of your teeth continues to fade and eventually you become vulnerable. If by chance you are the one entrusted with opening the bottle seal with your teeth, then it won’t take long before you lose your teeth.

There was a case in Kenya one time when a high school student was hurriedly opening the soda with his teeth and unfortunately, the bottle broke into pieces and he swallowed some pieces of glass. He stayed in hospital for 2 good years.

Doctors caution that even if you trust your teeth, don’t encourage yourself with opening the soda bottle on regular basis—you will lose your teeth.