Why Gamblers Loose Money in Betting And How to Win


A question many people ask,”why do gamblers loose in betting?”.Another popular question, “how do I win consistently”?

In Kenya, not so many people bet and win.

In fact, statistics show that only 1 in 1000 people get returns on their weekly investments. Except if they buy betting tips from trusted sources.

And how do I know this?

I know because for two years I worked for Betin Kenya in the customer service department. And this means: –

  1. I was privy to statistics, information and reports of your winnings and losses.
  2. I saw trends on how specific accounts won consistently – some winning millions with as little as Ksh. 50 stake. Others winning a million daily with up to Ksh. 500,000 stake (yes people bet with such crazy amounts too)
  3. I also experienced how a million other accounts lost so much money too. Yours included.

And I thought, is there anything that will make these people realize how much money they loose daily?

I never got my answer, but an idea.

May be I should show them how much they loose and help them with tips to win

These Are Some Winning Consistencies Which I Gathered Off The Bookmaker – Exclusive to Venas News

  1. Gamers who staked high amounts (Ksh. 500,000) went for games with obvious outcomes and ONLY played single bets not exceeding 1.50 Odds. Often winning up to Ksh. 750,000 as gross returns. Daily!
  2. Gamers who won with fixed matches placed bets with at least Ksh. 1,000. Often placing single bets on Correct scores (C.S)  or half time full time results (HT/FT).

In rare circumstances, they placed a multi-bet of 3 games winning up to 1 Million in 1 and a half hours.

  1. Gamers who played multi bets of up to 10 games and won only played during the weekends and stuck with major leagues and a specific market  – the (O/U) market.
  2. A few times when top winners who wanted to be paid by cheque came to the office and we asked them how they did it, they said, “I bought the tips.”  –  “These were fixed matches.” –  “Join my telegram Chanel to win with my crew.”

But never, “I just played blindly and won out of luck.”

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5 Flaws Which I Picked From Veteran Sports Losers in Betin Kenya 

  1. Top sports looser are greedy people – placing multi-bets of up to 40 games with Ksh. 50 hopping to win Ksh. 20 Million.

It has never happened my brother! Not when I worked there.

Please Pick new habits (like ten games for Ksh. 50 – you will win).

  1. Top sports losers make the mistake of not following tipster rules – If you buy football tipsand you are told to place the bets separately, please place them separately. There are lots of instances where gamers loose money consistently because they don’t follow the rules.
  2. Top sports losers place bets on markets which they don’t understand.
  • Top sports looser pick free football tips from fraudsters in Facebook
  1. Top sports looser keep changing interest– today they bet on football, tomorrow they try tennis, baseball, handball, volleyball… blah. You will continue loosing brother!

How To Maintain a 99.9% Winning Consistency in SportPesa & Betin

  1. Do your research, analyse games and stick to your final pick
  2. Place single bets if your stake is Ksh. 5,000 or more; multi-bets of not more than 5 games (if your stake is Ksh. 1,000) (you can subscribe to Venas news to receive games daily) —Go to MPESA,Select Lipa Na MPESA,Select Buy Goods and Services,Enter Till number(705909),Enter amount(Ksh1,000),Enter password and send)— and a multi-bet of at most 10 games if you only have Ksh. 50 and want to win more.
  3. If you buy games, follow tipster instructions to enhance your winning
  4. Research to learn about viable betting strategies – like placing combined bets instead of multibets
  5. Buy football tips because much as it is hard to believe, fixed matches exist. I have experienced days when gamers won up to Ksh. 200,000,000 because of a fixed match leak that everyone took advantage of. You only get them if your source is reliable.
  6. Did I miss any point? Ask me about itI’ll sure find a way to help.

Kenn Omollo is a former customer service agent at Betin Kenya. He loves writing about business start-ups and how to make money online. Get in touch with him on Joon Online.