How to Bet Without Losing


Losing in betting has become normal as major teams lose to underdogs. What gamblers are seeking is ways to bet without losing. As Venas News we have all along strived to provide the best tips that gamblers don’t lose money in betting.

When you’re a newbie in betting, you have the energy and a dream to chase but on the way you lose the drive due to consistent losing. For you to be in the game in the long run, you have to devise a way of betting without losing. We shall provide key rules to follow if you want to survive in betting.

  1. Always avoid multibets,Embrace single bets.

Multibets gives you a false believe of earning big money, but chances of winning consistently with them are low.

In multibets you can win today, tomorrow and the next day but when you start losing, you’ll regret why you started betting.

The alternative is to embrace single bets. If you carefully select 5 games and place each game as a single bets, chances of making a loss are slim. For a fact,I know several people who live off betting.They are strictly single-game bettors and they won consistently.

  1. Form discussion groups

Another way to avoid losing is to form discussion groups. Look for like-minded people whom you share ideas and jointly place bets. You can select 10 games and discuss each of the games to identify the best. The best thing with groups is that each of the members have different opinions but there are those opinions that converge.

Forming discussion groups prevents you from making blunders and enlighten you on things you didn’t know about certain teams.

  1. Join Reliable Betting Predictions site

Another way to avoid losing money is to join a reliable betting predictions site. There are many websites that provide betting tips, some are genuine while others are scammers. You need to carefully analyze the sites to determine the best ones.

Betting predictions sites will select the best games for you, thus ensuring they cushion you from losing. Venas News is one of the sites you can rely on when you need sure betting tips. We charge Ksh 1,000 per month and each day you’ll receive 3-6 sure games. To receive the matches, you pay the amount to the MPESA till number 705909.

Payment procedure is as follows:

  • Go to MPESA
  • Select Buy Goods and Services
  • Enter MPESA till Number (705909)
  • Enter amount (Ksh 1,000)
  • Enter MPESA pin and send
  • We’ll send the tips via SMS.

We send all the matches via SMS.

  1. Join a betting company that provides free bonus

Another way to avoid losing money consistently is to join a betting company that provides betting bonus on regular basis. One of the companies is 1XBET.The company gives 200% bonus to new subscribers. They also give Ksh10,000 bonus when someone cumulatively loses Ksh 10,000. To join 1XBET, follow this link

The good thing about companies that provide bonuses is that even if you lose, you’ll know that your money will be recovered after you receive the bonus.

  1. Avoid featured games

Normally, betting companies place featured games on the first page of their website. They know that most gamblers don’t go past the first page when selecting bets. Research shows that only 50% of the bettors win with featured games.

Featured games are the popular matches. They include the teams that are common and matches that might go either way. These are the games betting companies like Sportpesa place on the front page of their website.

  1. Avoid correct score bets

Unless you know the game would be a fixed match, chances of winning matches on correct score are less than 20%. Out of 10 games you select, you can only win one or two.