Why Most Christians Never Succeed in Life


Three years ago one of my friends asked a group of pastors,why do most Christians never succeed in life yet they pray every day? “one  pastor answered, ”all is vanity,genuine wealth is in heaven”. My friend wasn’t satisfied with the answer,he asked again, “what if we don’t go to heaven?”, the pastor was at pains to answer.

If you look around, you’ll notice that people who have dedicated all their lives and energy into Christianity aren’t successful. In my neighbourhood I have 3 of them who spend nearly 80% of their time in church but their children are always chased out of school, they never afford decent lives and are always in debts. One wonders, why are these people not successful yet they are in constant prayers!

The reason why most Christians are poor is that they spend most of their time in church praying for manna from heaven. Nearly all of them believe that blessings come from heaven and not through hard work.Majority of them wake up at 4 am to pray,proceed to church until 1 pm.From 2 pm they are in the choir until 5 pm—-So that single day is wasted in church.The following day they do the same until the whole weeks elapses. While they waste their time in church, other people are out here doing real work.

God will not bless what he doesn’t see.As a human being you have to initiate a project and start praying for fruitful outcome. Prayers without actions don’t work unless extra ordinary things happen, which is impossible in the modern world.

Statistics show that people who control the economy of the world are not staunch Christians. They know how to balance between church and the outside world. The most devastated people are mainly from African countries where people have false hopes and believes that wealth comes from heaven in form of manner.