Here is Oscar Sudi’s Answer To President Kenyatta—Jubilee is Dead


Standard seven drop out Oscar Sudi has finally answered President Kenyatta and here is a letter to the president—this is beyond repair!


I have heard you repeatedly say the fight against corruption is not against any community or individuals.

I beg to differ Sir.
In fact, your so-called fight against corruption is targeted at individuals and a community. And I will give you examples.

1 You orchestrated the prosecution of Ken Tarus of Kenya Power over a transaction that was signed by Joseph Njoroge, a sitting PS.

None other than the first witness confirmed that you gave instructions that any evidence that would adversely implicate the PS should be expunged. Of course, the PS is immune because he comes from your county.

2 You orchestrated the prosecution of one Joe Sang of Kenya Pipeline over a fuel jetty in Kisumu, whose construction was instructed by Joseph Kinyua to the chair of the Board, Mr John Ngumi.

Joe Sang was implementing instructions of the board chaired by the said Ngumi. John Ngumi cannot be prosecuted because he is your man, not to mention Joseph Kinyua.

3 Advance payments were made for Thwake dam in Makueni (7.2 billion, 2 years ago), Karumenu dam in Kiambu (3.6 billion, 1 and half years ago), Arror dam in Elgeiyo Marakwet (4.2 billion, a year ago), and Kimwarer dam in Elgeiyo Marakwet (3.6 billion, 6 months ago).

In all 4 dams, no work has started, but you have selectively chosen Arror and Kimwarer for profiling with the ultimate objective of ensuring that these dams are not constructed, and of course, you want to prosecute more individuals from that region.
4 The Kenya Forest Service, a public entity has given approval for the construction of dams in all other sites in Kenya, but in Kimwarer and Arror, instructions from above were issued to frustrate the approval, even after KFS had given initial approval to facilitate procurement process. It is very obvious that you are the said “Above”.

My friend, it doesn’t require rocket science for anybody to see that your so-called fight against corruption targeted at individuals and a community, contrary to your assertions.

I respectfully ask you to be man enough and declare war openly on the people you consider your enemies instead hiding behind the facade of corruption theatrics.

What you are engaged in, my dear friend Mr President, Sir, is called IMPUNITY.

Thank you, Sir,
Your long-time friend,