Best Live Betting Tips


I am one of those individuals who prefer live betting because of odds. The good thing about live betting is that you are able to monitor statistics as you wait to place your bets. While you engage yourself in live betting, there are several tips we wish to share.

  1. Always bet when the game is about to end (75 –extra time)

It’s known that most goals are scored when the game is about to end. During this time, the odds are good and teams create numerous chances. If a total of 2 goals have been scored to the 80% minute, chances are that a third will be scored between 80th to 90th minute.

During the first few minutes of the game, each team is tensed especially when they are of equal strength—It’s this time that you should keep your cool and observe the match. Between 15 minutes and 30 minutes, you’ll be able to know which team to score first goal and which one to emerge the winner based on statistics.

  1. Always observe matches with red cards and place bets on those games

If a team is given a red card, there are high chances the opponent will score more goals. If you have array of games to bet for, always concentrate on games with red card.

  1. Don’t bet on 40th to 45th minute

When the match has reached 40th minute and first half is almost over, most teams play offensive game knowing that second half is coming. Mostly, nothing significant happens in terms of goals during the 40th to 45th minute.

  1. Avoid betting for teams which have few shots on target.

Live betting is always interesting when both teams have many shots on target. Any match is interesting when there are more red cards, yellow cards, corner and fouls. If a match has few shots on target, then it means there are few activities which involves the match. Such matches should be avoided as much as possible.

  1. Identify leagues with many goals and bet for those matches

The best leagues to bet for include EPL, Bundesliga, Australia and Netherlands. If you spot games from those countries, then place live bets for the teams. You have high chances of earning good money from these leagues than from France, Spain and Italian league.

  1. Always observe statistics before betting

Statistics don’t lie and in early 95 % of the results follow statistics. If a team has more chances, it’s high likely that it will score the next goal, but there are some cases where a team with few chances score first.In case you don’t want to lose based on statistics, it’s good you select that one more goal will be scored such that even if any of the teams score, the result will favour you.

  1. Avoid betting during extra time

If a game has reached 90th minutes, it’s good to avoid placing your bet on extra time even if the game is juicy. I know one case where my friend saw that no goal will be scored at extra time. He placed a bet of Ksh10,000 and immediately the bet was confirmed, Manchester United scored—he lost the Ksh10,000 within a second.

  1. Avoid correct score

Correct score is 100% guess work and in all cases, it doesn’t follow statistics. If you don’t want to lose your bets, please avoid correct score bets.

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