Betway 8 Games Jackpot Predictions—Earn Ksh 1.5 Million Tonight


Betway has the easiest jackpot tonight where you’ll predict 8 games from the Europa League and go home with Ksh 1.5 million. I have already placed my bet and I wish to invite you to do so in order to win together.

If you have not signed up on Betway website, click here to do so within a minute. Then place the following matches:

Thu, 20:55 Rennes vs Arsenal –Rennes win or draw

Thu, 20:55 Sevilla vs Slavia Praha –Sevilla win

Thu, 20:55 FC Zenit vs Villarreal –FC Zenit win or draw

Thu, 20:55 E Frankfurt vs Inter Milan –Inter win

Thu, 20:55 Dinamo Zagreb vs Benfica –Benfica win

Thu, 23:00 Valencia vs FK Krasnodar –Valencia win

Thu, 23:00 Napoli vs FC Salzburg –Napoli win

Thu, 23:00 Chelsea vs Dynamo Kiev –Chelsea win

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