Manchester United Fan Commits Suicide After losing Ksh 60,000 in a Single Bet—Photo


It’s a sad morning in Migori after one family lost their member. Ogolla,who has been a staunch Manchester United fan, committed suicide at exactly 9 pm yesterday after he lost a whooping Ksh 60,000 in a bet.

Early in the morning, that’s yesterday, Ogolla say the odds for Manchester United were 3 against 2 for Arsenal. Since he knew what the Red Devils had done to PSG a week ago,he got convinced that one this earth, no way Arsenal could beat Manchester United. He scooped Ksh20,000 from his account and placed a bet—he waited for Ksh 60,000.

Few minutes after the game had started, Arsenal scored 1 goal. Ogolla had no time to waste, he again deposited Ksh 20,000 in the bank and placed GG for the match.In the 80th minute, Arsenal were 2-0.Ogolla didn’t lose hope, he again deposited Ksh20,000 into his player account and placed over 2.5 goals bet—he was sure Manchester United could not end up not scoring.

The game ended and Ogolla was heartbroken—in 90 minutes he had lost Ksh60,000. He cried uncontrollably and eventually went to a nearby bush and did what you can see below. Burial arrangements are in top gear.