Betway Ksh 237,500 Jackpot Analysis Today—5 Easy Games


The 5-game jackpot by Betway features teams in the EUROPA competition.The jackpot amount is Ksh 237,500 but there is a bon us of a couple of thousands if you don’t get all the teams correct.To be eligible as a player, you have to sign up with Betway,click here to sign up for free.

Here are the games to bet for:

Thu, 20:55 Dynamo Kiev vs Chelsea –Chelsea win or draw

Thu, 20:55 FC Salzburg vs Napoli –Napoli win

Thu, 23:00 Arsenal vs Rennes –Arsenal win

Thu, 23:00 Inter Milan vs E Frankfurt –Inter or Frankfurt win

Thu, 23:00 Slavia Praha vs Sevilla –Sevilla win

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